Post-Surgery Instructions


  1. Apply an ice pack over surgical site for ½ hour to minimize swelling. Continue every ½ hour for 15 minutes on then 15 minutes off at a time during the first six hours after surgery.
  2. Swelling may occur after surgery and is normal.  It may begin 24 hours after surgery then increase for 48 hours, then gradually subside. Sleep with your head in an elevated position for the first couple of nights after surgery.
  3. For minor discomfort, take 600 mg of an anti-inflammatory, if needing more, add Tylenol 1000mg and rotate the two medication every three hours. Take any prescribed medication as directed. Do not drink alcoholic beverages while on prescribed medication.
  4. There should not be much bleeding from surgical site.  If you experience significant bleeding, rest with your head elevated for 20 minutes with slight to moderate pressure over area.  If bleeding persists, call the office or the doctor’s emergency number immediately.
  5. Wait a full 24 hours after surgery before rinsing your mouth.  After 24 hours you may rinse after eating and before retiring at night.  Do not use mouth wash.  If an antibacterial rinse is prescribed use as directed.
  6. Maintain a soft diet day of surgery and day after.  Avoid hot fluid until numbness has subsided.
  7. Refrain from smoking for the first 48 hours after surgery as well as minimizing frequency during the healing phase.
  8. Limit facial movements and talking during the day of and day after surgery.  Refrain from lifting your lip to view surgery site.
  9. Maintain your normal oral hygiene program of brushing and flossing, except in the surgical site until your post-op visit.

NOTE: If your sinus was involved during the surgery (the doctor will inform you) refrain from blowing your nose.  Use a nasal decongestant spray to prevent congestion.  If blood is seen in the nose, this is not unusual and will subside within 48 hours.  If excessive bleeding is seen, inform the office.

We expect your recovery period to be as uneventful as possible.  However, if a question or concern arises, please contact the office at 530-592-4688.